Three Ways People In Darlington Can Prepare For Life After Lockdown

Posted on: 9 April 2021

Three Ways People in Darlington Can Prepare for Life after Lockdown

With the end to our arduous Covid hibernation in sight, it’s time to prepare for life in the “new normal”.

While the prospect of restrictions easing is exciting – we can’t wait to eat at Uno Momento and drink at Number One Bar – it will also take a little getting used to.

That’s because many of us have grown used to lockdown living: we now work from home, live in tracksuit bottoms, and tell ourselves that cutting our own hair is a good idea.

But after a year of adapting to a host of unfortunate circumstances, it’s time to adapt again – only for happier reasons. Here are a few ways to prepare for life after lockdown.

Spring clean your wardrobe

If you’ve spent the past year in leggings, jeggings, slankets, and onesies – anything with a forgiving waistline basically – now is the time to dig out your “good” clothes. Try them on and decide if you still like them and if they still fit you. Donate unwanted items to a charity shop and make any necessary purchases. You don’t have to ditch all your comfy stuff, but you will need a few pieces that will look smart in a work meeting or at a catch-up with friends.

Revamp your fitness routine

Many people kicked off the first lockdown in 2020 with a flurry of physical activity that tapered off as the pandemic dragged on and on. They’re now – understandably as it’s been a tough year – carrying a few extra pounds. If you want to shift a little weight, take your time. Start slowly and progress steadily to avoid injury. Also, focus on activities that you enjoy – they will be good for your mental health, and you’re more likely to continue with them long term.

Acknowledge stress

It may seem that with lockdown lifting, all our troubles will be over. But it’s important to be realistic with our expectations. Some of the activities that we’ve avoided over the past year such as long commutes, mingling at parties, making small talk in the work canteen – may make a return and prove stressful. If things you once took for granted now feel challenging, don’t give yourself a hard time. Talk to someone about it (lots of people will be in the same boat), and remember that we’re still navigating our way through a deadly pandemic. Be kind to other people – and yourself.

From all of us here at Sillars, take care and stay cheerful.


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