This Is The Most Expensive Street In Britain – Do You Live Near It?

Posted on: 24 September 2019

This is the most expensive street in Britain – do you live near it?

On the most expensive road in Britain, the average property price is more than £35 million

For the 11th year running, Zoopla has revealed that Kensington Palace Gardens in London still holds the top spot in its list of the most expensive streets in Britain

It comes as no surprise that the luxurious W8 postcode, just a stone’s thrown from Kensington Palace is one of Britain’s expensive streets. The average house price on this street will set you back a staggering £32,870,284.

However, outside of the capital, you may be surprised to find out that Surrey is home to the most expensive street outside of London.

Zoopla has revealed that Montrose Gardens in Leatherhead, Surrey has an average property value of £6,500,070. We imagine it can’t be cheap keeping up with the neighbours on this Surrey Street.

Temple Gardens in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire scooped up second place. Houses on this street were found to have an average value of £4,364,016. While Phillippines Shaw in Sevenoaks, in Kent slid into third place with the average cost of houses on the street coming in at £3,884, 016.

Overall, Southern England was found to be home to the largest number of the most expensive streets in the UK. The south was found to have 91 per cent of streets with an average property price of £1million or above.

In contrast, Northern England, Wales and Scotland had drastically fewer expensive streets. Wales was found to have just 31 streets with an average property price of £1 million or more. The North East of England had just 73 streets at that price point, while Scotland has 165.

When grouped by towns, 19 out of the top 20 towns with the most expensive streets are all in Southern England. However, Altrincham in Manchester disrupted the trend and managed to sneak into the top 20. It also secured its crown as the Northern town with the most expensive streets.

‘Outside London, it’s exclusive pockets of the well-heeled home counties, such as Kent, Surrey and Hertfordshire that boast the priciest streets,’ says Laura Howard, Consumer Expert at Zoopla. ‘And, being one step removed from London’s cooling market, some property values are even higher than last years, such as Montrose Garden in Leatherhead.’

‘Ultimately, our Rich List is a fascinating insight not into how the ‘other half’ lives, but into how the other ‘one per cent’ lives,’ she adds.

Is your hometown on Zoopla’s rich list?

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