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No other auction provider in the UK & Ireland offers such a complete and comprehensive range of property auction services for estate agents to offer to their buyers and sellers.

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Why Choose Our Property Auction Services?

Common misconceptions portray auction as a dated and limiting process for selling property, namely for run-down stock and cash ready investors.

Times have changed and the methods of auction have evolved! By partnering with I Am Sold, we offer both traditional and modern methods with flexible routes for sellers looking to sell quickly, heighten interest in their property and/or add security to the process that the open market may not be able to offer. Below are just some of the benefits of our service that specifically help sellers looking for that additional peace of mind.

Our Auction Services

Sell Your House Quickly & Securely

0% commission to sell

A no sale, no fee basis; nothing to pay to enter your property into one of our auctions and nothing to pay whether your property sells or not.

A fixed date to sell & move

These realistic yet fixed timescales are set from the start, to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible to time frames that benefit all.

Greater levels of interest & viewings

Your property will naturally receive greater exposure from our website, the auction website, and our online bidding facility which is accessible 24/7. This will significantly increase interest around your property, resulting in more viewings and bids on your lot.

Achieve market value

Due to increased activity, a competitive bidding war may ensue to win your property, naturally driving up the final selling price, achieving the best price possible for you.

An undisclosed reserve price

This figure is set separately to your marketing price to ensure you reach a value you are happy for the property to sell for.

The security of a non-refundable reservation fee or deposit

Buyers pay this to secure your property, so you can be sure they are committed to the sale.

Maximum Online Exposure

Ensuring maximum online exposure for your property is key to the selling process.

Our auction services see that your property is advertised on our website, The auction site, Rightmove & Zoopla

Between the portals, millions of hits are achieved monthly.

No Estate Agency Fees to Pay!

Our auction services leave you with no estate agency fees at all to pay! 

All fees are covered by the buyer, helping to ensure a commitment from them by obtaining a non-refundable reservation fee, reducing fallthroughs and helping to secure your sale!

Bid & View Online 24/7

The online platform offered by Iam-Sold allows potential purchasers to view your property details and bid online, anytime, anywhere.

Our unique platform allows buyers to bid remotely on a property of interest. We don’t just hold public events, we run online auctions alongside. You can also head in-branch or bud by phone- whatever is best for you and to avoid missing out on the property you want!

You can buy with a mortgage 

Due to our exchange and completion time frames, the auction rout is accessible to all buyers who need the time to organise their finances and arrange a n mortgage on the property they wish to buy, meaning we don’t just cater to cash-ready investors.

Our Flexible Auction Routes

A step by step guide

Selling your property through auction has never been easier thanks to the modern auction method. Traditionally a market limited to cache ready investors, the modern method has evolve auctions to be inclusive to a wider variety of buyers and sellers.

Traditionally a market limited to each ready investors, the modern method has evolved auctions to be inclusive to a wider variety of buyers and sellers. Namely, it offers fixed yet realistic timescale (an average 28/56 days) to accommodated the typical residential buyer looking to arrange a mortgage.

Coupled with 0% commission to sell, this route offers a quick, cost effective option to achieve maximum exposure and value from a bigger audience than ever before!

Let's start a home

We'll discuss and agree an undisclosed reserve price and a starting bid.

Auction Pack

The team will begin preparing the Auction pack including all legal documentation.


Your estate agent will prepare all property details, take photographs and range the EPC if required.


All prospective bidders must download the Action Pack and accept the terms before bidding. Bids can be viewed and made in real time 24/7..

Ready, set go!

Afete 14/21 days an end date time is set on your bespoke auction and your property goes 'live' meaning bride can be made via the online or room auction.

Pre-Auctin Marketings

We begin to advertise your property whilst the auction pack is bring prepared, to generate as much exposure interest and viewing as possible.

Once the auction ends...

Modern Method - The successful buyer is required to pay a buyers Reservation Free/Deposit and sign a Reservation Agreement. The property is then reserved to the buyer, The buyer and seller are then required to unconditionally exchange contracts and compete the transaction within 56 days.

Traditional Method - Contracts are exchanged immediately with completion taking place with the next 28 days. Complete security is provided but this method is more suited to the property professional as it is legally binding.

If you choose to pay no sales fees, you'll keep the full price achieved on your property as the Buyer Reservation feee will cover our costs. Should you opt to pay the sales fee instead, we will take a posit for the buyer to secure the sale. As this is paid on a non-refundable basis, you know they are dedicated to the purchase.

Our expert Sales Progression team will help you to take the sale through to completion keeping you updated every step of the way.

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