New survey reveals that over two-thirds of students are satisfied with their landlords

02 Jan 19

A new survey has countered the popular belief that landlords routinely take advantage of students by revealing that 63% of the students surveyed were more than satisfied with their living conditions and over half believing they were getting good value for their rent.

The National Student Index survey commissioned by student property app bubbleStudent revealed that on the whole students are generally happy with their living conditions and the services provided by their landlords.

However, a small percentage, only 7.5% of those surveyed, were largely dissatisfied with their landlord’s communication and general behavior, disproving the widely held notion that student-landlord relationships are strained.

The UK has close to two million full time students, nearly half of whom are currently renting from private landlords. The removal of the university admissions cap in 2015 has seen record numbers of students take up places at university, and for investors, students represent a guaranteed market regardless of economic fluctuations.

Felix Henderson, CEO and founder of BubbleStudent said, “There are many misconceptions about the relationship between student tenants and landlords, however, our research has revealed that the majority of students are more than satisfied with general landlord behaviour and the standard of their accommodation, representing a real shift in the dynamic from previous years.

This change is in part due to increasing awareness of just how lucrative the student market can be, along with improvements to the way these relationships are facilitated and managed. We use an app based service to match students with properties, book viewings, secure contracts and help students make rental payments. This virtual proximity has gone a long way towards helping to remove some of the barriers and pain points for both students and landlords alike, resulting in improved satisfaction across the field.”

New survey reveals that over two-thirds of students are satisfied with their landlords
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